La Luz is a people place.  From the very beginning, the people of La Luz gathered, almost like the first inhabitants of a small town, to discuss the happenings of the day.  They watched out for each other, cared for each other and supported each other.  Yet, even at the start, La Luz was a place where community was balanced by privacy.  Though homes are set in clusters, the adobe walls guarantee that people living within them have all the separateness and quiet of detached dwelling units.  Each individual at La Luz determines their own level of community activity.

Who are the people of La Luz?  Young, old and every age in between.  Professionals and professors, scientists and students, inventors and day-dreamers, writers and readers, artists and engineers, doctors and lawyers, teachers and athletes, musicians and gardeners--all are people accomplished in many fields and people still-striving and struggling with challenges in others.  All at La Luz are encouraged to find and live their own way, as they are supported by a welcoming Community spirit and an applauding crowd that honors every individual accomplishment.

Landowner volunteers plan and create all the special events marking La Luz holidays and gatherings that happen just because they might be fun.  Some have become annual traditions; many are impromptu La Luz moments when people pause to chat and pass the time-of-day in a way that elsewhere in the world would be merely ordinary.

From its inseption, the La Luz Community grew by organizing in a way to allow all Landowners to live and play together with a grace that moved successfully  beyond the communal experiments of the decade before.  Because great care was given and shared in the planning, developmental, architectural and construction stages, environmental settings evolved to make La Luz a people place in the beginning, for all who live today and those who will love this place far beyond.

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